Control RC Car with Linux

When I was child, one of my dream is a remote controlled car that could be controlled with Linux. I saw it in a technology magazine at first so I wanted to make another one. About six months ago I saw a rc truck that is exact match with my mind's linux controlled truck: JJRC Q60 6x6 Military RC Truck! I ordered immediately and started to make my dream true.

Decide Which Technologies to Use

In my opinion the best linux platform for this project is Raspberry Pi. I ordered Raspberry Pi 3, micro servo for steering, ESC for speed controlling, camera, speaker for engine sound, LDR for automatic headlights, ultrasonic distance sensors, leds, wires and other required components. As a controlling device, I decided to use my Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad. Python programming language is popular for Raspberry Pi but I want to use Node.js programming language with C/C++ bindings. It would be a good experience for me.

Disassemble All Electronics

At first, I disassembled all electronics on the truck except power transmission system.

Let's Start with Getting Gamepad Data

I developed a small piece of program with using node-hid library.

Servo Programming

I started to control servo with WiringPi tool for PWM pulse on GPIO ports.

Programming ESC

I placed ESC to bottom of the truck.

Front and Rear Leds

Mounting Camera in the Cabin

Mounting Front and Rear Distance Sensors

Automatic Lights with LDR Module